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Gaming apps: There are a lot of people who would love to get into betting especially of sorts because there is no too much stigma attached here but have no idea how to go about it or how to and whom to ask the questions who would give them replies that satiates and whets their appetite for knowledge in this field.
I review gaming apps but I have lost count myself:
Before we diversified into getting all the applications on to one site location to be able to give our patrons the complete range of websites at their disposal and also give them the choice to choose what they would like for themselves. There are so many websites that we have now officially lost count of them!

A short description of what we offer:
We would love to report that all the websites that are hitherto recommended on our website are actually reviewed by us and proved to be legit beyond any reasonable doubt. Yes, it can happen that a program/website that is hitherto completely legit can become delinquent. To this, we have our own safeguards which reiterate that if it is found to be wanting in integrity, the website is immediately disbanded and the patrons immediately cautioned through an automatically generated email that lands directly in their inbox.
The results of the beta testing are in the public domain:
There is a complete transparency and all the result so f the beta testing is in the public domain. Any further assistance that a patron seeks can be verified through an email sent to us. We are forever striving to give you the best time of your life and we will never live short of your expectations ever. That is a promise!

My experiments and research on sport betting

About me:

Hi, my name is Ally, 38 years old and I have been quite academically oriented most part of my life. I have written a few research papers at the university that I learned it and I have also assisted a lot of professors who have been dipped into research. So, you see, I am someone who is mostly seen with my books. And even if you do find me at a restaurant or a pub or maybe a club, I am in all probability only discussing papers, some research or dwelling on some point that the professor would have told me in the previous days.

But I am passionate about sports!

You didn’t expect this, did you?
Well, the only grace saver is that I am a sports fanatic. I can stay up all night to watch a match which is being played on the other side of the globe and happily working the whole next day and still be in a mood to watch another match. Imagine!
It enhances my mood:
I enjoy reading and writing and I even freelance for various journals at the college level and for the science congress but seeing a math played live gives me adrenaline shots that give me the feel-good thing about being. I know it may sound exaggerated if you are not a sports lover but if you can identify and relate to what I feel, you must really be my soul brother.

A research paper on sports betting got me hooked on it!

I had heard of betting happening big time in sports but I could only care less to give it even a decent thought. What set me to it was a research opportunity that came by way in the spring of 2016 and while I was dilly-dallying on whether I must pick it up or let it go, I realized the potential for learning that it could be.
I was already looking for reasons to be able to spend my time at my hobby:
My work and research were getting intensive day after day and I was not able to spend too much time on my passion. I presumed that picking up this opportunity would give me the necessary break and I could always excuse myself on the pretext that while I am still pursuing my hobby I was still calling in at work!

I know, it sounds cheeky but that is exactly what I did:

I picked up the assignment and started to do my bit of the research on the topic. It so happened that initially, I was all by myself on it and later an associate who was keen on joining me also came along with his two cents in the research.

Sports Betting

My associate was an avid sport better:

In the hindsight, I think that this good friend of mine and my research associate was a rich addition to the research as he brought with his pearls of wisdom which he had himself collected over the years of betting as an amateur and professionally.
The core of the research:
The core of the research was a concept called the “illusion of control” that most betters especially the sports betters have. The aim of the research was to internalize this concept and to determine if it was what most of them who were betting failed. We also used a lot of online sites to corroborate the research and one such useful website which we officially associated with is a black marlin.

Let me explain this with an example:

While you are a football fan and the teams playing for hypothesis are team A and team B. now, if you are someone who has been reading about the sport and watched some of the action of the players on the field, you would have had a fair idea on the potentialities of the players of the team. Based on such talent or potential you would stake a claim. When you win, you always internalize the win saying that you had done good research on the player or the opponent’s weakness and the player’s strength and also the fact that the condition for winning was just right or that you had an instinct that the player or the team you were staking on had the potential to win.

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But when you lose the bet, the blame is always external, like luck or distractions, etc. it is easiest to say that it was because you were unlucky that day or that while you were figuring out whom you should bet on, you were distracted by an external agency et al.

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The conclusion:

The extensive research; thanks in big part to Smith, my associate ended with the obvious but categorical conclusion that while the better likes to think that he has control over the information and the stakes that he is making claims to yet the world of sport betting is entirely bet on quantum science and is as unpredictable as stock market, binary trading or even gambling at casinos.

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